You are what I Eat

I have only shared with one dear friend that when I started this blog that the title, “I am what I eat” may change. And now, I am happy to make the change. The new title is “you are what I eat” because Stefan and I are going to have a child in October. And, I think and hope that our child will be what I eat. That like me, the baby will absorb the goodness that comes from sharing food with people and be inspired by what they eat. Although this will not be a place where I post about being pregnant, I will inevitably share parts of our pregnancy since I hope that our child is shaped by what I eat.

Illustration by Barry Falls

Illustration by Barry Falls

I hope that the food that I share with others will help, not only me, but will help my child soak up friends’ and families’ good stuff. That our kid will be curious and flexible not only in the kitchen but in all parts of life. I am visiting the friend who I shared this blog’s title change this weekend. I hope that when we eat together, my kid will soak up her goodness—she is incredibly flexible in the kitchen and always willing to try new things. For years I have called her to say “do you have that recipe for so and so that so and so made us?”. Her answer is always the same. No recipe because she is comfortable in the kitchen improvising and remembering by taste.

I hope that when I am near her, my kid will adopt that trait—her curiosity and confidence to try new things and be willing to fail. Because it is not one of my strong suits. Is that what they call osmosis?

I have not posted to my blog in over a month because I slept for what felt like the first 11 weeks of my pregnancy. I was instantly humbled by my lack of time to practice a 100 mile diet. And, now that the garden is in full swing and I only want to eat red meat, veggies and fruit. We will slowly work our way back to our experiment of eating foods grown within 100 miles of where we live every other week and I will continue to share what we learn.


6 responses to “You are what I Eat

  1. Congratulations! A first child is a joyous event!

  2. Kelly, I have missed your posts and am glad to see you back to writing. This one made my ears a bit weepy. Very glad that I get to see you this weekend and share some meals with you and your little bean.

  3. Kelly, I’m excited for you and Stefan. I’ve relearning how to eat and I feel like I’m preparing to be a mom someday and I want to eat RIGHT. I was fascinated by your 100 mile diet but of course Michael didn’t want to try it. 😉 There are a few amazing produce markets by our house. I love their homegrown stuff.

    • Thanks Lisa! It was fun to make the lentil soup and know that most of all the ingredients were 100 milers. Eating Right is relative I am discovering. For the first 13 weeks of being pregnant, I cereal and ice cream.

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