That Teaser Febraury Sun

We planted seeds this weekend indoors and out. Instead of trying to grow seeds in the bathtub, I built a platform for my seed trays out of IKEA shoe shelves on top of a table (it teeters, it totters but it won’t fall down!) and put them in front of our windows in a back bedroom. So far, so good.

In January, when we planted seeds in the trays and put them in the tub, the plants got too leggy and I gave up after noticing mold in the dirt. This time, we are going to try to grow the seeds with natural light and use a spray bottle instead of the shower head. I have always had a problem with excess.

We decided to rip out the grass in the front yard and use the space for growing veggies. We want it to look, someday, like this. We had the dirt delivered on Friday and had good intentions of building raised beds this weekend to shovel the dirt into and voila! Garden done. Not so fast. We managed a few things, and like usual, our eyes were bigger than our muscles.

Eventually, we are going to add 2 more raised beds for a total of 5 and I want to create a circular garden patch like this. We have the dirt. Now, we will build and dig and plan. And, lay down from exhaustion. Which is why we did not get farther along this weekend.
We did transfer the baby spinach out of the covered bed to an uncovered one. In the uncovered bed, we have spinach starts and planted radish seeds. In the covered bed, we planted lettuce seeds.

We did have a gorgeous weekend and it was great to be outside planting things that we know full well could freeze in March or even April. Stefan thinks that this teaser week of February sun that happens every year is the reason people stay in Oregon. I tend to agree.


5 responses to “That Teaser Febraury Sun

  1. Your covered bed is beautiful – what is it covered with? Those raised beds are a ton of work. We ended up hiring someone to help my husband just to get it done since it isn’t really his thing to begin with and I was trying to minimize his pain.

    That circular plan should be gorgeous when it’s done!

    • Thanks! It is covered with a plywood frame covered in plastic. We saw them years ago when we stayed at a B and B in Sooke on Vancouver Island and we finally built them. Well, my husband built them. At first, he built the first one in the basement and then, we could not fit it up the stairs! So, we had to take it apart and reassemble. This will be their second year and they are holding up great. What do you have in between your beds? Grass? Rocks? Wood chips? What do you recommend? We saw a front yard veggie garden with raised beds and wood chips in between. Wonder how it would hold up and how long it would take for the wood chips to break down.

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  3. Hey Kel,

    I like the link to the raised beds in the front yard. Cool blog too, I will have to check it out further. You are getting me thinking about doing something similar in our front yard.

    We put wood playchips in for paths last year and they are holding up well. They are a bit slippery when it’s frosty out though, at least on the hill.


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