Home Delivery from Noris Dairy

I just drank the best glass of milk I have ever had. Granted, the milk was full fat because we think skim and 2% are a waste of our time. Especially after we listed to this podcast about fat.
I think the glass of milk is delicious because it came from Noris Dairy. We ordered meat, cheese, milk and yogurt from Noris Dairy and had our loot delivered last Friday. There are a lot of really great things about this place and you can read about them below. One of the best things is that you can order from them and they will deliver to your house. For more information about how to order, check out their ordering details.

Noris Dairy is about 60 miles from us in Scio, Oregon. After talking to many dairies, we agreed that Noris makes the most sense for us right now because not only are all of their dairy products made on their farm, but their cows are also raised in Scio and slaughtered just a bit farther south in Springfield.

Noris Dairy is different than any other farm you will find in Oregon. They are the only farm that uses only their own milk in all of their products (cheese, yogurt and milk). We have talked to many dairies in Portland and they get their milk from cows that live as many as 300 miles away.

They have their own bottling and processing plant onsite—the only one between Seattle and San Francisco and have been “Organic” since before there really was a Certified Organic. They hace been Certified for over 20 years.

Noris Dairy has about 300 cows in production and over 1,200 acres for them to roam. Their cows are grass fed only and are at pasture year round. When the weather does not permit, the cows to be at pasture eat hay that is grown in their own pasture.

Farming Geeks Read On:
Noris has a closed herd method, meaning that they don’t bring in outside cows into their breeding program. `This means that they know the health and history of each and every one of the cows in their herd. They rotate the cows through the different fields for two reasons, the first is each field has different types of wildflowers and grasses so the cows are never bored with their food choices and second so that they can give each field the necessary time to lay dormant and recooperate.

Before their cows go into labor, they move them into an expecting field close to birthing barns so that they can have constant supervision. Once the cow gives birth the calf is placed in pen next to its mother so that bonding time may still occur. The calf is given only its mothers colustrum and milk for the first few weeks. The calves are then moved to playpens and the mother back to the normal fields. Calves are bottle fed milk for up to 8 months (normal is only a few weeks). Bulls are separated and moved into their own herds and fields where they are grass fed for 2-3 years before being sent to butcher (normal industry standard is 8-14 months).

All of the milking cows are kept for their entire natural life on the farm. That means that after they are done milking they go to our retirement herd and their lives do not really change.

Noris Dairy milks twice a day and their processing plant is yards away from our milking parlor so the products are processed and bottled within hours of “leaving the cow”.
They make all of their own products onsite and even have their own Artesian Cheese Specialist.


One response to “Home Delivery from Noris Dairy

  1. Who knew this farm was so close to us all those years? Sounds like an incredible operation. Would be fun to visit one of these days.

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