Lean Into It

We are settling more and more into eating locally, week by week. It reminds me of how I felt each time I moved as an Air Force kid. During the first week, my family ran around trying to make sense of a new town and people. Full of questions. Not sure which way to turn to the post office. Week by week, we got to know the lay of the land until it felt like we had always lived in whatever town we happened to be living in at the time.

Right now, as I think about what trying to eat locally feels like, I picture myself sitting down into an unbelievably uncomfortable chair. Grabbing pillows and blankets to make it a bit cozier. Leaning this way and that until I feel just right. Until I eventually sink into the chair and nap. It feels right and just takes a bit of time to get there. Just like our local food experiment.

Each week, we stumble on new ways to cook, new information about local products and have conversations with those outside our circle who teach us how to convert our nonlocal food choices to local ones. We made yogurt.

We planted our own garlic.

The garlic will soon follow.  I hope.

The garlic will soon follow. I hope.

We are making vinegar. And, maybe more importantly, we are laughing more now than those first 2 weeks. How can we not? Making yogurt? Making vinegar? Discovering local beans and polenta? We will continue to lean even farther. And, maybe one day we will topple over to find ourselves eating exclusively this way.

Listen here to learn how to make your own vinegar.

Here is a more detailed description of how to make vinegar.



One response to “Lean Into It

  1. Hey Kel,
    When did you plant your garlic? We plant ours in November, so I was just wondering.

    Are you interested in me starting some more lettuce for you this year? I’m doing a planting next tuesday, so just let me know, but I’m doing them almost every week, so there is no rush.

    love ya,

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