Podcasts for Foodies

Time is of the essence. Reading about food is a luxurious pastime and this week, killing two birds with one stone seems to be an essential part of doing what I must and doing what I want. I like to listen to podcasts while I am running, cleaning, working and even, sometimes, showering. I get lonely in the shower and these seem to be just the ticket! Podcasts about food are increasing in number and here are a few of my favorites. What are yours?

Good Food
This podcast replaced my yearning for Gourmet magazine. We miss you Ruth. Great pieces on food politics and sourcing food.

Splendid Table
Lynn Rosetto Kasper and Sally Swift have a great piece of advice from their book “How to Eat Supper”.
The 450 degree Oven
“Walk in the door and turn the oven to 450. Even if you have no idea what you are going to be eating. this single act starts supper…that single turn of the knob opens you to culinary serendipity.”

A new one on the scene by a great writer. Spilled Milk is perfectly short, sweet and witty in a Pacific NW sort of way. Here is a recent post about the podcast and I am excited for more episodes.

All You Can Eat
Kelly C told me about this one and so far, I really like it! Don Genova interviews some interesting folks and gives practical advice about how to take baby steps to participate in the local food movement. Thanks for sharing this one Kelly! I am glad to have this one on my podcast player.


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