Winter Renegade

As I was sorting through summer kayaking pictures, I came across this great photo.  Seems like my warning:  winter is here.  As I lavished in the longest night of the year, going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, watching old reruns of Mad Men, I wondered how I could make the winter ahead more inviting.  Even the chickens won’t step out of their coop.  Too wet, right now!  How could I make the coming winter moments cozy and warm?  If I didn’t spend some time preparing, we may burn out our full spectrum light sooner rather than later. I need something drastic; I need to be a winter renegade, an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior.   In true Type A style, I made a list.  Here is what I will do with my winter:

  1. Read those books that have been on my bedside table and one by one, have been shoved in my drawer—Forever, by Judy Blue; don’t laugh, she is a good writer.  Elizabeth Gilbert’s new one, Committed.  The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down—current read set in the town I was born, Merced, CA.  Atlas Shrugged.  MFK’s Two Towns in Provence.
  2. Run in Forest Park at least once a week—did this on Saturday and it was eerily foggy, very peaceful.  Especially catching up on not one, but two Splendid Tables.
  3. Yoga—this is a New Year’s resolution from 2007.  I must be lengthened.
  4. Cook delicious bean dishes; like beans and pasta that we made this past weekend.  Top them off with a slice of that crusty bread that we make every weekend.  Eat only 1 slice per meal.  Instead of my standard 3.
  5. Plan a chicken coop that is pretty.  Trust me, we have to talk about this for at least 6 months before anything happens.
  6. Cross Country ski at Old Man’s Pass.  Remodeling the basement and kitchen the past couple years took precedence over skiing.
  7. Read the NYT in our neighborhood coffee shop on Saturday mornings.  I really like the idea of this.  And, I know myself, I cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes.
  8. Make some new running playlists.
  9. Learn how to play racquetball .

How will you turn yourself into a “Winter Renegade?”


One response to “Winter Renegade

  1. Kelly I like your blog, you are adorable.

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