Light those sparklers!

Sparklers are not just for the Fourth of July and New Years Eve.  Why not get them out when something great happens?  After a fabulous meal, after a job well done, after I made it just in time to jump on the train and meet my friend for a run.  Yipppeee!  Pure Glee.

The Glee show season finale was this week.  I am a fan.  I run to the soundtrack.  I subscribe to the silly podcast.  I imagine singing and dancing a jig on the way to get my morning cup/s of coffee and having a group dancing behind me.  I have to wait for a new episode until spring to be “Gleeful” again, to pull out those sparklers and write my name in light in the air.  Or, do I?

At a conference this fall, Greg Bell, our keynote speaker, asked us:

What amazing thing did you see today?  What amazing thing did you do today?

Every time I open my fridge, I glance at a green piece of paper with these two questions typed in some sort of fun font.  I have a hard time answering the questions as I am rushing to get my half and half to throw in my coffee so I can run out the door and go to work or grab some soup to heat up for dinner and head into the TV room to watch a mindless movie.

After the final episode of Glee, I went to put my leftover baked ziti away and saw these questions for the 856th time.

I don’t have to wait for the spring to start be Gleeful.  I am going to start now.

Since food and cooking is taking front and center in my blog so far, I think once, again, it is a good place to start.  Here is a slightly different spin to Greg’s questions.

What did you see today that made you gleeful?  What gleeful thing did you do today?

  1. Cooked chili in a crock pot made with elk burger that Brian killed and butchered
  2. Scrambled eggs made from our girls’ blue eggs
  3. Heated breakfast sausage links and cannellini bean leftovers for lunch
  4. Cut Carrots and celery and put in our baked ziti
  5. Picked out the Red peanut M and M’s with a big glass of milk
  6. Drank Blue Bottle coffee in my thermos
  7. Baked bread
  8. Poured in whole tomatoes from our summer garden in the lentil soup

What did you see today that made you gleeful?  What gleeful thing did you do today?


One response to “Light those sparklers!

  1. 1. My son Oliver didn’t cry when I dropped him off at daycare and he wanted to stay when I picked him up. Although a little crushing to my ego, it made me happy (gleeful) that is settling in there.
    2. I’m in the middle of baking bread – your recipe in fact.
    3. I took my dad to the airport after a week long visit that was wonderful. And I already miss him.

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