Using butt spelling to be mindfull

HomeI don’t like the holidays.  There, I said it.

This year, though, Thanksgiving at the farm felt like home.   Home is not where I live, but where people understand me.  On my last post, I committed to being more mindful and choosing my thoughts starting with the simple act of eating.  At the farm, over the long weekend, curled up in a warm cabin in the woods surrounded by people who make me feel like home, being mindful was doable, not easy, but doable.

My family was in the military so we do not have any long standing family traditions.  Every holiday is a come what may sort of event.  It works for me.  A couple years ago, I wanted to start a tradition so I forced Stefan’s family to play the “What are you thankful game?” around the table.  It was not a huge hit.  Answers consisted mostly of groans mixed with people saying “stuffing” or “cranberry sauce”.  Every year, I force it and every year, we say the same things.

This year, my home (AKA—people who get me) was sitting around the picnic tables on the deck eating turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.  I had prepped them.  They knew it was coming.  And, so, it began.  We paused, and went for it.  Beautiful things happened.  Shoulders relaxed.  Silence ensued.  Stress melted away.  As we went around the table, I heard things like “I am thankful that my wife gets to stay home and be with our child, I am thankful for our health after watching a dear friend who is sick, that I got to be fun employed “ and then, we went for a second round.  Only this time, we had to share what we were thankful “butt spell”

The meal before the meal

The meal before the meal


Even if it was just for a moment, I experienced mindfulness and I liked it.


3 responses to “Using butt spelling to be mindfull

  1. It was a very mindful thanksgiving, it helped me remember again what great friends that I have that I consider family. And what a great place to be for a holiday that is all about food for for some shopping the next day. We were far from any grocery stores, Wal-Marts, Costcos and frantic shoppers. There were more deer than credit cards and shopping lists. I loved it! Thank you to the Orehovec family for making it a home away home.

  2. Kelly – thank you for sharing this with me. I still get choked up when I hear you read “Home is not where I live, but where people understand me”. I’ve been reflecting on this since we spoke and have come to realize that I feel the same way.

    And perhaps that’s why I struggle with “what does family mean” to me and my family. Because we’re not always understood by family members there’s often something missing. A feeling of comfort, safety and acceptance.

    We’re blessed with close friends that we consider family and have both agreed that our bond is strong because we understand each other.

    Thank you. So much.

  3. I really love this “butt spell” game idea! I am going to use it for team building with our Stephen Ministers at church!! We are a crazy bunch and think this is going to be great fun…and funny!!

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