I am what I eat, or at least I want to be

Sea Kayaking

Heather, Kelly and Lisa sea kayaking

I am what I eat, or at least I want to be.  After traveling to near and distant places, the thing I most love about exploring a new place is meeting the person who raised the pig, the cheese maker who made the cheese or the farmer who grew the lettuce.

I choose to eat foods with which I have a connection to the instigator/creator/producer.  Even if the food is bad.  As I write this, my husband is eating Cheetos with a fork beside me.  I am more drawn to eat things that matter to me not necessarily for their food qualities but because of what they may represent about a specific person or event.  I do not normally eat cheese dip but I always find myself dipping a chip into that gooey cheesiness on a weekend away with my girl friends.  It is about the experience of food; not always about the source.

So, we are entering a week of eating no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  This is THE week for eating in our home.  How will I be what I eat this week?

Next week is Thanksgiving.  We will cook a turkey raised on our friend, Brian’s farm.  Frasier Creek Farm is little.  Brian is a genius at coaxing the farm to produce big amounts of good food.  I want to eat the turkey that Brian raised next week, not because I love turkey, but because I hope that some of Brian’s traits will make their way into my being.  Like I said, Brian is a genius.  He is patient in his art.  Brian is resourceful.  I have been camped on an island with Brian before and had French fries.

My brother in law will make cornbread stuffing.  The rest of my family is not entirely thrilled by this idea since they are Pacific NW traditionalists.  I eat the cornbread stuffing because my brother in law is kind.  He protects my sister in law, not that she needs protecting.  But, I am a sucker for chivalry.  I spent part of my childhood in the south.

Heather will make tuna melts.  Tuna melts are Easy.  Quick.  Heather can change a tire in 6.5 seconds.  I saw it on the way home from a sea kayaking trip; we made the ferry.  You know exactly what you are getting when you make tuna melts for dinner (or hanging out with Heather).  I hope that I absorb some of Heather’s tuna meltness.  I want to be easy.  I want to get things done quickly so I can move on to the more joyous parts of life.  This is what Heather does.  Cooking does not have to play front and center.  Having fun does.  Her marriage theme was “Partners in Fun”.

What do you want to absorb this Thanksgiving from the people that surround the table where you will be sitting?

What qualities are you thankful about the people that you will share a meal with this week?

Changing tires

Changing tires



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