I am what I eat

Stefan canning beets with his Mom

Stefan canning beets with his Mom

I am right where I belong.  It is raining.  I live in Oregon and so, unlike my sun loving compatriots in other parts of the southern world, I am happy to see the rain return.  The rain means that I will allow myself to stay inside and make two things from our weekend chore list—bread and granola.  In the summer, we are lucky to make bread and granola once a month.  Must spend every moment outdoors.  Now, every week, until the sun shines again, I will make bread and granola. I eat the granola every morning on my yogurt and top it off with berries that I froze this summer.

The rain means our red Le Creuset French oven will live on our stove instead of on top of the fridge.  We will cook bread, beans, soups, and braise meat.  Stefan will teach me how to love duck.  I will teach Stefan how to cook a galette.  We may do some canning if we can find any more root veggies in the garden that we have not dug yet.

When Stefan was a kid, he lived with his parents in a cabin without a bathroom and they had a garden.  They lived the one block diet before it was cool.  Stefan loves most veggies, especially beets.  Maybe this is because he learned how to can them from his mom when they lived on the farm.  The rain makes me want to learn more.  What will you teach each other?


5 responses to “I am what I eat

  1. First of all I LOVE that you’re doing this. As I fellow blogger, it can be a strange thing at first to put yourself out there to the world wide weird web, but after some time it becomes cathartic.

    Secondly, I really like your “theme” if I may call it that. Your world around you and how you live in it. I find it interesting to know where you get your inspirations and motivations. And I especially like to see your links – you always seems to be on the cutting edge Kelly and I love stealing these ideas from you.

    I’m anxious to see where you take us next. Thanks for letting me into your world!
    Love you

  2. Are you a hippie from Oregon? What is a galette? Keep it comin’, I love it!

  3. Ok, maybe my comment did make it on here. Let me know if you see these Kel.

    I just watched the video clip about subsidizing real food with Alice Waters, eta l. Great words!! Funny too. Was that Anthony guy from French Laundry? He’s a potty mouth.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anthony is a great author and has a travel eating show called No Reservations. Very good. If you Google him, you will get loads of results.

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